GABS 2015

Well, it’s about time I got to it and put another post up.

It’s been a busy few weeks, moving away from Melbourne, starting a new job and getting settled all consumes much more time than one usually likes to concede.

IMG_6094So the focus on this entry is mostly GABS – The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular!! with a bit of B.S. here and there.

I have been a regular Punter at GABS since it has started, lured by the great range of beers available, and the opportunity to wrap the laughing gear around more than a few of them.

This year, I decided I needed more, that I wanted to get my hands dirty. Well it just so happens that a large volunteer army is required to help run the show, with the payoff being front and centre during the show, a greater opIMG_6096portunity to meet a lot of like minded people, free admission for a session, and a few tokens for food or beer consumption. I can’t say how much I enjoyed the experience, I truly recommend to anyone that being a volunteer is a truly great experience.

So I sent in my application, and was accepted to work at a few sessions, so you little bloody ripper – GABS here I come.

The first Session I got to work at was on the Friday evening. I was put in the group of volunteers to support the Craft Beer College, hosted by Professor Pilsner. Now how happy was I – what a great gig to land!! This part of GABS is all about intimate sessions with up to 5 brewers, who are there to talk about their craft, and share a beer from their brewery for a 45 minute session with anyone who is interested.



As a volunteer, we are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring everyone who attends gets a taste of one each of the brewers beers they have selected to showcase at GABS. A side benefit of all this is once all is said and done, and cleaned up, we were able to sample the leftovers.. No arm twisting needed there i’ll say, and a verily little happy chappie was I.

The next session I was assigned to work at was the Saturday morning Brewery Setup. What this consisted of 20150523_085141was going through the brewers top-up lists, and moving cartons an Kegs from the holding bay out the side of the Exhibition Building, to 20150523_103854their stalls. Fairly heavy work, but nonetheless still quite enjoyable.A good benefit of this was that I got to meet a few brewers making the deliveries inside, and with a little bit of over-servicing on occaision was able to get a few brewers on side which resulted in a few free samples in

I get to try on the Redfist
I get to try on the Redfist

my drinking session later in the arvo.

I think I’ll leave an in-depth review of the Beers I tried go by the wayside, partly

because I got to try so many, and partly because my tasting notes are a little messy.. Ah well, I just say my favourite for this year was the Nightcap by Mountain Goat.

After my two shifts were done, it was then playtime.. Having enjoyed the Craft Beer College so much, I attended two more sessions there, then hooked up with my mate Chewy, and a group of his fiends for a good fun session of B.S. and Beer.

After we were done, and the arvo session closed, a few of us headed on to Mrs Parmas for a feed and a Beer and Bourbon or two..  Once we had worn out our welcome there, we parted ways, and I started the long walk to the train station, visiting a few bars along the way.

Now if you reckon this wouldn’t take too long, your wrong, it went on for a few hrs, and all I can say is that it is a little strange to get woken up by a Train Driver asking where I wanted to get off at. I said I needed to get to Pascoe Vale. He goes “well for a start your on the wrong fucking train!!” then “Your in Craigieburn, and this is the last train for the Night!!” Now at this stage I was still playing catch-up on what has just been said, and before I know it he is going “I’ll run you back into the city and you’ll need to work out what you want to do from there”, and he is off and the train is going flat out back to Melbourne. I had by this time started to regain my wits a little bit, and upon checking the trainmen I was on, realised a station we would go by would get me within staggering distance of my lodgings. Next thing I banging on the drivers door, several times, and eventually it opens and He says “what the fuck do you want now!” I managed to relay to him that the Merlynston station would do nicely if he could drop me off there.. “righto mate, geez you look a bit rough still”..

So eventually the train stops and I disembark. Now this is though the drivers cabin, as the other doors are locked down or something, and I stumble straight into a couple of startled looking PTSO officers, with the driver shouting out “he’s right guys, silly fucker fell asleep, got the wobbly boots on!!”


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