A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss

This entry sees me heading down to StKilda way, The Local Taphouse. It is my first visit, and one I have been anticipating for a while. It is a highly regarded Craft Beer venue, with a constantly changing list of beers on tap.

The Bar
The Bar

What prompted this visit was an event to introduce Stone Brewing Co to Australia. It appears there has been some interesting goings on with getting Stone beer into Australia for a few years now, having the Grey Market sidestep efforts to keep us good folk deprived of their product.

The guys from Stone took pains to tell us it was all about keeping the quality up: For the Beer Swilling Layman, essentially what happens with a “hop forward” craft beer over time is that they lose their Aroma and Flavour.  Factors which add to this decline, apart from time, are sunlight, and also heat.

IMG_5401This is why typically beer is bottled in Dark glass, and why a “true beer snob” will turn their nose up at anything in a clear bottle.

So Stone want us avid appreciators to get the absolute best and freshest product. This involves refrigerated reefer containers, established shipping partners,  and a list of  venues who understand the needs of a good beer, and how to serve it at it’s best.

I’m not sure I bought all the guff, but one thing is certain, and that is they know how to make a good beer!!

To me on the night, the 5 beers we were offered all had a similar hop and malt profile, with some subtle differences in nose and aroma.

I had the night before tried a20150423_203131-2 bottle of Matt’s Burning Rosids. To begin with I was taken aback by the tragic story associated with the beer, and how Stone had released this in Matt’s Memory.

This aside, it was an amazing beer. Full flavoured, a luscious mouthfeel, truly a journey in itself, every sip providing a different release of flavours. Being quite high in the alcohol content, it also left me a bit the worse for wear after having already had a few pots in the pub beforehand.

Im going to have to have another crack at a couple of the beers in the tasting, this time from the bottle rather than draft. I’m intrigued to see what the results will be. I guess I was expecting more from the “Arrogant Bastard”, and “Ruination”…

Overall it was an informative night, and the Stone guys are definitely passionate about their product.

After the tasting, I had a few more ales at the bar, and enjoyed the live entertainment. This friday night it was Alinta Chidzey and the Jazz Emperors. Now I’m not really a jazz kinda guy, but these guys rocked, and Alinta can really belt out a tune..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall a good session at the taphouse, will definitely want to visit again.

I’m not sure what my next adventure will be, as I’m preparing to head north to Myrrhee in a few weeks, and am starting to want to focus on what lies ahead. Having said that, I’m sure I can sneak in a cheeky beer somewhere..

Cheers Gordo


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