A Beer in the Hand is Worth Two in the Forrest

This weekend it was time to catch up with some friends near Geelong. So the scene was set to decide which Brewery (s) to visit. IMG_4880

A quick check of what was available in the area soon had me setting my gps to track down Forrest Brewing Co.

It is in a small area about an hr southwest of Geelong, inland between Lorne and Apollo Bay. A nice drive and a mecca for Mountain Bike Riding.

So the young fella and I eventually made it out there fairly late in the Arvo on the Saturday. I made my way through a throng of Bike riders outside the brewery. It had started to piss down so seemed like a likely spot to gather, hell I would, and did.

IMG_4870  Anyway, I found my way to the bar and ordered the Tasting Paddle. This consisted of their core range of 4 beers and a couple of seasonals. These were:

Silvertop – A Kolsch, with a very sweet malt flavour with a faint bitterness.

Pale Ale – A more bitter ale, with a big malty flavour sneaking in around the back.IMG_4878

The Irish Red – which had a faint Malty nose, with quite a smooth and full malty Flavour.

Stout – This had a Burnt roasted malt nose, with a matching smooth roasted flavour and a crisp bitterness.

The two seasonals on offer were the Pbobblebonk, which was my pick of the paddle, and their Sista Ginger, a sour ginger beer.

The Pobblebonk was a Saison, it had a good Farmhouse style funk on the nose, with kind of a meady flavour with a typical dry bitter finish for the style. Really enjoyed this the most.


They also have a great menu, and I would recommend if nothing else, get a bowl of their chips with the charred onion aioli.

On the Sunday we had some time to kill before catching up with the friends, so a squizz at the wool museum was an unexpected surprise. I found it was full of really interesting displays, and well worth a visit.

And the other main attraction which I really wanted to see while there was the Powerhouse, this is an abandoned Powerhouse, which has been opened to allow Artists to develop into a Graffiti / Art mecca. You could spend hours there, with only the cold, and hunger pulling us away in the end. Some really inspirational pieces to bee seen there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We followed this up with a visit to the Little Creatures Brewery. I had been wanting to visit since it opened, as by all accounts it is a pretty cool setup in Geelong. It was a very busy day when we arrived, easily a few hundred people in the food hall. I can only say the food was fantastic, while the Brewery itself, and the beers left me wanting more. No seasonal beers on offer, nor a Randall on the Bar, so just their core range. I cant help but feel they have lost their “Craft Beer” sheen since their expansion..

Anyway, a fairly big weekend, and quite enjoyable to boot. Now to work off the beer and food bloat, cos I’m feeling like I’ve put a few inches around the waist the last week or so.

Next post will likely be a review on Stone beer, as I have a ticked to meet the Brewer next friday at the Local taphouse..

Hooroo, cheers Gordo


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