The little Dog laughed to see such fun, and the cow jumped over the Moon


Time to wet the whistle again, so today I whipped out the ole bike to give the legs a workout, and earn the thirst. (I also try to avoid drink driving…)

Today my target was a small brewery skulking in the shadows of one of Australia’s largest breweries. This tickles my funny bone, kinda like thumbing your nose at the big boys..

The Brewery is Moon Dog Brewing, a located in a couple of old warehouses in Duke St Abbotsford.


So my journey of a couple of trains and a quick ride up Victoria St had me there just in time to get in on the brewery tour. Todays host was James. He told us it was his first time taking a tour, being a fairly new starter at the brewery. IMG_4737

Now the brewery and bar area is like no other I have seen, having grown piece by piece over the years. It has a quirkiness and feel that makes one feel comfortable and at ease. This carries all the way through to where all the magic happens. A lot of the brewing tanks are re-purposed dairy farm equipment. This sort of creative adaptability is evident throughout, including the range of beers they make.


James proved to be a great host, happy to chat about the goings on, giving us all an insight into how the brewery came to be, as well as what is occurring there now.

Little surprises like the “Secret Door” to their expanded warehouse just add to the experience here , and have you wondering what next.

Secret Door
Secret Door

After the tour was done, I was ready to try out some of their hard work. The beers I tried there were:

Jukebox Hero IPA, which had a really nice fresh hoppy nose, with a tart bitterness.

Dirty Brown Summer, a dark ale made to be a session-able beer.. Once again a fresh hoppy aroma, with the mouthfeel and flavour seeming a bit thin for a dark ale, but probably on target for what they are saying it is.

Next I tried Henry Ford’s Girthsome Fjord. Now this fella hit the spot for me.. I really enjoyed this beer, a big Malty nose led to a nicely balanced flavour. A good malt taste and an enjoyable bitterness to finish.

Yep, still going.. Breakfast of Champions was quite enjoyable. I actually liked the chilli hit in this one, possibly being balanced by what I was told is the addition of celery salt in to the brew.

I finished up my tasting there with the Black Lung V Unbarrelled. A big smokey aroma led to a nice burnt flavour and a good bitterness, with a balance of sweetness. Thoroughly enjoyed this one too..

All in all I had a great arvo, sipping on some great beers, while watching the Bulldogs demolish the Tigers on the big screen. Cant say I could have planned it any better..

I decided after leaving, to nip into the Royston since I was in the area. I had heard about it listening to the podcast put out by James and Ev of Bright brewery fame. These are two funny bastards, who it seems dont mind a beer or two..

Here I had the Supercharger APA by Panhead Custon Ales, which had one almighty load of hops. The flavour is a big bitter hit with some citrus notes. Really liked this, a great pale..

I finished with Mr Mistoffelees, another Moon Dog beer. Being a sour, it was what I needed to reset my pallette. A sour funky scent delivered a similar sour and tart flavour.

I was getting a bit wobbly by now, both on foot and two wheels, so decided to head home. Mission accomplished.

Not sure what the next adventure will be, certainly in the next few weeks I intend to head out to Geelong, so fair chance I’ll find a brewery that way.

Hooroo cheers Gordo



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