East by North Easter

Hey all, so easter has passed. With this weekend marking a few milestones for me. 20150403_104039

First, I will start by letting you all know my Daughter Lily got her L plates. Now this is a big one. I can only assume every other Dad has felt the swirl of different emotions as you embark on the first drive with your daughter at the wheel. Immense pride, joy, trepidation, fidgeting brake foot hovering over the phantom brake pedal, white knuckled grip on the seat, and suppressed terror at a lack of cornering judgement… All in all it was a pretty good first few outings, and no paint has been lost.

Once again I ventured up to Myrrhee. This is where the next big bit of news comes to light. I have decided to leave my job of the last 10 yrs, working in IT with a mate. It hasn’t been an easy decision to make, nor has the journey for me the last year or so.

I can only say it is time to climb a tree and look at life afresh.

So in about about a months time I will be moving into the cabin on my sisters farm. To begin with possibly doing some remote assistance with the old job, and also taking on a role in the Milawa Bakery, which my sister runs and owns.

My ultimate goal is to get into the Craft Beer Brewing industry, which if you haven’t noticed, I don’t mind talking about. Now I have a few ideas kicking around in my head, and I can only say this is going to be an interesting path to walk.

So with the young fella working in the Bakery on good friday, Lily and I headed up to Beechworth, to “have a look around”, and it just so happens there is a Brewery up there.

IMG_4716Time to visit Ned. This is my second visit, first being a few years back, and at first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking much hasn’t changed. A closer look soon reveals that a lot has been going on here, and is a good indicator of what is happening in the Craft Beer industry in general. Whist having the core range of beers, there are also some more exotic and interesting concoctions on offer, and I would have to say every one I tried delivered in buckets. (no they don’t serve beer in buckets).


I ordered a tasting paddle of the first 8 beers on tap this day, of a possible 10. Reluctantly I opted out of the last 2 as they were both around the 10% Alc content, and I didn’t want to become a road statistic. So the beers I  had were:

1: Hefeweizen

2: Golden Ale

3: Beechworth Pale Ale

4: Chevalier Saison

5: Celtic Red Ale

6: Little Bling

7: Robust Porter &

8: The Harvest

Standouts for me on this day were the Golden Ale, and The Harvest.

I really enjoyed the Golden, it had a really fruity light nose, with a Great hoppy flavour, with a light bitterness. I’d go as far as saying the best Golden Ale to date for me.

Now the Harvest was a whole other bag of hops, or more appropriately, a truckload of hops. It wasn’t overly done, as can happen with bitterness when throwing the hops in like they were, or perhaps it is just what these new “unknown” experimental hops are.. either way, I bought a six pack to take home and ponder the universe with.bridge-road-aurora-borealis-2-108x400

I couldn’t leave without also buying a bottle of the Aurora Borealis II. This is a collaboration brew with Nogne-o brewery in Norway. Shipped in cognac barrels, it was a very different beer to try, and one well worth trying.

The nose on it was kind of a fermented funk. Tasting revealed an interesting onange/cognac kick, with a good alcoholic whoof to it.

To accompany the beers I had a Chorizo sausage in bun with a bunch of good shit in it, which just tasted great. I guess I had better start taking food tasting notes.. or not!

Once done, we did a bit of a walk around the streets, and also visited the old cemetery and Powder magazine. All in all a very satisfying arvo.

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Righto, thats this little story done, stay tuned for the next episode. I reckon it will involve some howling at the moon.

Cheers Gordo


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