Pickled as a Pig

Twas Friday eve just past, when I doth merrily made my way to Foresters Hall for the Festival of Feral. I had decided to take part in one of the VIP tasting sessions with the Head Brewer from Feral, Brendan Varis.


We were provided an insight into six very different beers. Starting with Jose the Gose! Never heard of thIMG_9592is style before, brewed with a dash of salt, for saltyness.. You can taste it, wasn’t a bad beer, certainly good way to whet the appetite.

Next up we wrapped our laughing gear around their Kelis, a Saison. Now this bugger had a great earthy spicy flavour, ending with a slight bitterness. Could knock back a few of these after ploughing a few furrows.

The next two are a toss-up for favourites of the night. The B.F.H. is their “barrel fermented” hop hog. This beer they infuse with a oak character using wood chips. Regardless of the lack of actual barrel ageing, the result is a beautiful beer. And so that is what a vanilla flavour is in a beer hey. I might begin to sound like a Beer Snob if I keep working (being told) out what these flavours are..


Then we were given a snifter of the Tusk. Whoo a rich nose just promised an awesome flavour, and did it what!! I had a bit of a creamy pants episode over this one.

We finished the tasting session with Boris the Snapper. It had what I would best describe as a yeast nose and flavour, with a great burnt finish. It seemed to be a nicely balanced beer.

The Hopfen Fahrt worked its way into my tasting somewhere as well. It seems my tasting notes began to develop a bit of a scrawl around this time. Verdict for this beer – Really Fruity nose (as expected with a name like that), with a straight forward taste.

So this night was the busiest I have ever seen the hall, with a good, or is that a bloody long line up at the bar.


With the determination of a suckling runt piglet getting to it’s mothers teat, I elbowed my way back down into the throng and decided to by two pots to avoid having to wrestle this rabid crowd. Ordered a Karma Chameleon and a Karma Citra.

Both had a huge hop aroma, the chameleon hid it’s flavour until the 3rd or 4th mouthful, revealing itself as it warmed up. Really was a bit of a chameleon. The Citra being a Black IPA was nowhere near as big in the flavour as I was expecting, just didn’t quite hit it for me.

So after deciding that an adventure was awaiting outside, and not really wanting to elbow my way to the bar again, off I headed up the road to explore a few more bars. Next stop the Builders Arms. Here I tried the Kolsch from Four Pines. Not really my kind of beer, or maybe my taste buds were fried, either way it seemed pretty bland.


Next stop Little Creatures Dining Hall. This is a pretty cool spot, and I am usually seduced by what is on offer in Randal. Tonight was no exception, ordering a pint of Rogers. Dunno what it was meant to do, I certainly didn’t get much out of the ordinary. But geez the Lamb pizza I ordered was just delicious.

From here the night seemed to disappear, only revealing itself the Saturday morning through the viewfinder of my camera. It seems I had a few stubbies in The Alchemist, and what ever they call the old Punters club across the road.

All in all a pretty good night, might just need to lay off the shandies when it gets a bit later!!

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Anyways, hooroo. No sure where I’ll end up this weekend. At the moment a little voice is saying visit Ned….

Cheers Gordo


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