Black Dog

Black Dog Day

Back to the blog, been a bit of a hiatus, having done a bloody long walk the weekend before in the Lerderderg Gorge, 10 hrs / 18km. Nothing really beer related except for a few frothys a the end of the day.

So this weekend saw me visit the Sisters place up in Myrrhee, a little place in the King Valley in North East Victoria.

IMG_9484Their small farm has flourished, with an injection of hard work and the type of creativity which leaves one enchanted by their  (Tony’s) imagination.

He has started to create sculptures out of old farm equipment and rusting metal, with an ever growing catalogue of creations. You can get a bit of a peek into whIMG_9565at he has created at the King Valley Sculptures website.

One always returns with a sense of anticipation, wondering what will be next great piece of art to grace the ever evolving gardens.

Booths vineyard, Taminick

Time to stop waxing lyrical about non beer guff. In my first ever post I recall tasting a beer from Black Dog Brewery. It was a delightful Citrafied Belgian, which garnered my pick for top beer in my tasting in that session. Upon looking up the brewery, I realised it was the one at Booth’s winery, Taminick Cellars. I remember visiting here as a young lad with my old man, in the days when Dad worked at Brown Brothers winery in Milawa.

I decided to make sure I visit this new brewery there and then, curious to see how the place may have changed over time.

Kind of as expected, the place hasn’t changed a lot, still retaining a lot of the rustic charm I remember it to have held. The ancient stone walled tasting rooms lined with the large old wine barrels, giving credence to generations of family winemaking. I remember my dad being incredibly fond of old Cliff Booth, sadly now they have both departed, I am sure sitting together yakking over a good red now and again.

As it turned out, on the Saturday I visited, Peter Booth was serving in the rooms. I suspect I interrupted some harvest work, being the sole visitor upon my arrival.

Anyway, I didn’t need any arm twisting to get stuck into a tasting. On tap this day we had four cracking beers. Starting with the Lazy Dog Ale, I was immediately impressed with its clean crisp flavour. It is exactly what it says it is, a perfect session beer. Next to sample was the Howling Pale Ale. Now this today was my fave. Lots of hoppy flavour, with a huge hop palette, and a pleasing bitterness. This was followed by they Blood Hound Lager, then the Leader of the Pack IPA. Both of these I found to have a much larger malt profile, very smooth and well rounded. Nowhere near the hop hit I was expecting from the IPA. Nonetheless it was still a great range.

It was interesting talking to Peter, having introduced myself as the young fella of “Darkie” Carmichael. As it turned out Peter and the old fella used to play tennis against each other, as well as making several other family connections.

Anyway, I couldn’t leave without having a full pot of the Howling Dog, taking the time to snap a few pics. And eventually bought a selected six pack including a Dead Dog Stout, which was enjoyed that night.

To sign off, I will just add a small gallery of other pics took during the day, of old buildings and so on. And stay tuned soon for my next foray into some beers at Foresters Hall, where I will be investigating the Feral Tap Takeover.. Excited not!!!

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