Temple Run – On Ya Knees Laddy Boy

After pulling up a bit dusty following a night out with the Big Sis, and my niece, and having to do an early morning shuttle service to Ballarat with the young fella and one of his mates for Cricket, I found I still had just enough fuel left in the tank to drag myself down to Brunswick East for a visit to Temple Brewing Company.


As a part of Craft Beer Rising, they were offering tours of the Brewery to anyone who rocked up for a squizz.. Upon my arrival I was immediately drawn to the bar, having spotted a flyer for their Scarlet Super, a sour beer made with cranberries, and created in a lambic fashion using some natural yeasts/bacteria.. It was an interesting  beer to try, with a very sour and spritzy mouthfeel. I’m glad to have tried it, but I don’t think I could do a session on it..


So the small group I crashed in on for the tour were shown around by by the Brewer Andre from memory. He was extremely happy to talk about what the brewery was up to, as well as receiving questions about what the future holds for both the Craft in general and the Brewery itself.


He was particularly excited about the Brewery having recently installed 3 new 5,000 litre fermenters, which will allow several brews to be done in a day, as well as freeing up the smaller fermenters to allow some experimentation, with some single batch brews planned for the near future.. I can’t wait!

  After the tour had completed, I had a crack at the Hazy Dayz Hefeweizen. Enjoyed the spicy and not too funky nose on this beer, and it followed through on the palette with similar undertones. It had a nice bitterness, with hints of banana and other fruitiness in its flavours. Could have a few of these on a warm arvo!!

Since it was still fairly early in the arvo, around 3:30 by now, I figured it would be a tad reckless to settle in for a session, so grabbed the camera and went for an explore of the laneways, looking for anything interesting to shoot. Plenty to be found, and the cloudy sky with plenty of rich blue peeking through was just awesome.. here are a few of what I consider to be the best:

Well this was all enough to have given me a decent thirst again, and since the Alehouse Project was, well just sitting there pouting at me, I had to help lift up its bottom lip and shout meself another ale. This time I had a fairly full on Saison by Wolf of the Willows. A very fresh hoppy beer with a bit of funk and spice on the nose, which followed through on the taste. I quite enjoyed this beer… hell it’s beer, what isn’t there to enjoy!

Anyway, thats aboot it for me here today, hooroo.

Cheers Gordo


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