WhiteNightMelbourne – and a Couple of Bars

Righto, so I heard about WhiteNightMelbourne kinda late, like the day before.. figured it might be interesting, so I set out earlyish Sat eve.. Did the responsible thing and took the train.

On the way in reached out to the Yeer in Beer crew for a CBD bar suggestion. They delivered, oh man did they what!! First suggestion was the Cookie Beer Hall,now this place could easily become a favourite.




Luckily I don’t really like going into the city that much, otherwise… Lets just say so many taps with some wide ranging choices leaves one a bit troubled making a selection. Well since it had been a super hot day and I was bloody dry, this bewilderment didn’t last too long, and in a flash I was soon swilling the WeizenHammer by Brooklyn Brewery. Crikey I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so big. High alcohol whoof came through with a rich succulent mouth feel. I am always drawn to a Brooklyn beer when I see it on offer, after having read their book on how the Brewery began.

Next cab off the rank was probably my favourite for the eve, a delightful light spicy number by Kettle Green Brewing called the Holy Grale Hemp Ale. Man what a beautiful beer, delicate and understated, yet great flavour – I wanna boof it!!

One of the guys from the Facebook group said have the Californian IPA from Holgate. This bastard nearly blew my head off straight after the Grale.. The hops were full on, fresh nose, with fresh flavour, lots of flavour, did I mention the hops? It wasn’t until I was halfway through the pot that I began to enjoy it, once the hop resins had finished moving into my mouth!! Once there though it reminded me why I love a good IPA, for that blast of Hops. I decided to try one more beer before heading out into the crowd. Now this is why I love an establishment like this. The girl behind the bar let me have three small tastes of a few beers to help me decide.. Just love that type of service. I would have to say the staff there were all great, obviously interested in what they do and are offering, whilst at the same time serving the average punter with aplomb. I cannot rate this place enough. Anyway, my last here was the Insane Uncle by Dainton Family Brewing. The hoppy nose promised a bit more flavour than actually came through, but there was still plenty there.. Have to keep an eye out for this mob in the bars..

Now to brave the crowds, and god almighty what a crowd, every inch of pretty much every street was taken up by people, seriously. Wall to wall people. My insane displeasure of such crowds had been comfortably numbed with a nice warm beer buzz by this stage, so I just didn’t give a shit. Now to try and take a few interesting pics. Here are the best of the bunch…

So down at Fed Square, I was thirsty again, or so I thought, and ventured in to Beer Deluxe, here I had a couple of beers. the Yenda Red Mid by Australian Beer Co, and Cryonic Hops by Edge Brewing. I don’t really remember having the second one, it wasn’t until the morning going through the pictures I took, and found one of a stubby and a glass of beer.. Hmmm interesting.

Anyways, it was an interesting night, I suspect there was plenty more to see and I only got a small glimpse, but what I did see was great.


Cheers Gordo


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