Coburg Laneways and the Woodlands Hotel

Righto, here’s the next instalment in my laneway adventures.. Nothing quite as exciting as friday nights “tagging along” with a few young whipper snappers, but a really enjoyable couple of hrs wandering the laneways of Coburg, in search of some Street Art.

Some exceptional works are to be found, there seems to be a culture being encouraged in some of the new developments, and a few laneways, where it is obvious that the artists are able to develop their skill unhindered.

 I took so many images of other artwork, I had trouble weeding them out, what follows is what I reckon to be the cream of the crop…

If you can recall, Sunday was a stinking hot day in Melbourne, so after traipsing the streets for a few hrs, I had developed a substantial thirst. Here is what my ulterior motive was.. To check in on the Woodlands Hotel.

I had seen a reference to it as being a Craft Beer friendly establishment, man was I not disappointed… 6 taps at the front bar all craft… So without hesitation I dived right into a Pale Ale brewed by 7 Cent Brewery called Farmers Mums. This proved to be my favourite for this session… Cracking beer in a cracking venue. I wandered out to the Beer Garden to enjoy.


The ale was full of fresh hoppy aroma, A great hop flavour, and didn’t seem to be overly bitter..

The pub is a fairly quirky affair, heaps of decoration and interesting nooks and crannys to pique ones interest.

So after downing the ale in close to record time, I thought I would pay respect to the pub and try their own offering, the Woodlands Lager.

It was a fairly bland affair, no nose, the typical foppish lager taste, and what surprised me most, I couldn’t be bothered finishing the pot.. (this malaise brought about by the allure of another beer what was winking at me from the counter..)

So onto the third and last taste for the evening, The XPA by Wolf of the Willows. A great hop aroma tantalised, while the flavour ran away.. I felt the bitterness overtook a tad to the detriment of what should have been a great beer.. Not saying it was bad by a long shot… For me the Farmers Mums won out. Now to go check out the Daughters!!  Easy up there Tiger..



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