My first entry – The Alehouse project and Graffiti

So friday night I find myself at a loose end.. a hankering for a good ale and the knowledge of a great little bar not too far away is enough to get me off my arse and in the car.

It is a wet night as a summertime thunderstorm sweeps over Melbourne, and traffic chaos ensues as the train signals get hit by lightning and closes all the boomgates along the line running north through brunswick/fitzroy.. Guess what, I want to get to the other side of the tracks. An impatient 30 mins later the gates are finally operational again, and I find a park on lygon st.

As the rain continues to fall, I enjoy the walk of several blocks to the Alehouse and venture inside, quite wet, spirits undampened.

This is a beautifullly understated bar, with warm exposed brick walls and great lighting. I meander up to the bar and check out the 12 tap selection of one off brews on offer. Plenty of interesting choices there.. also some amusing text scrawled on the wall which tickled my fancy

IMG_1829 So I start off with with the “Bandicoot” by Red Duck. Being a light beer it was a bit lacklustre, yet if I were to be out with a few mates and had the role of pilot, it would be a great choice. Was a pleasant crisp ale.

Next wet of the whistle was provided by the Tooborac Hotel Brewery. This was a once off brew being a Red India Pale Ale. It had a burnt toffee flavour, and no real nose to speak of. I dont really get why they keep calling these beers pale ales when they are anything but..

My third drink was a nice understated experiment by Make Beer. It was the Garden Variety IPA. It had an infusion of lavender and honey, which wasnt overpowering. Perhaps lacking a bit of hop character for my liking, with the sweetness of the honey taking over a tad.

What they do best
What they do best

My next guzzle I decided had to be a good gutsy bag of hops, I was enticed by the allure of the name of the NZ Cascade IPA by The Edge Brewing Project. It definitely had the hop aroma, was very bitter, but the flavour I found to be quite delicate.. is that possible?

One ale which I first spotted, and promised I wouldn’t leave without trying was a Citrafied Belgian, brewed by the Black Dog Brewery. It was not quite as refined as a few Belgian beers I have tried as of late, but it absolutely did not disappoint in Aroma, Flavour and it had some Bite!! My goodness it had some bitterness to it.. This was my top beer of the session.. What a cracking beer.

The food on offer would suit most anyone, I opted for a plate of the Chef’s dips and Bread.  The dips were Beetroot, Hummus, and a Pesto concoction. I found it was exactly what my mouth wanted, and complimented the beers well.

All in all I was impressed by my visit. I fear this may become a favourite haunt of mine while I live in the nearby suburb of Pascoe Vale.. hell what a burden.

So well watered, and my appetite sated, I decided to pack my saddle and head outside back to the car. On the way taking the opportunity to snap some shots of some laneways and street art.

When I was almost at the car, I encountered a few wayward young lads, who were out “improving” the local street art.. they looked at me and figured I was little threat, so asked if I’d like to join them on a walk and take a few pics… I couldn’t resist..

Whilst somewhat misguided, I found the lads fairly amicable, and had a few laughs as they regaled me with re-enactments of some of their adventures..


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